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A/c Installation Manual and also Advice

The interior device setup area of selection:

( 1) Choose solid, much less at risk to resonance, sufficient to stand up to the weight of the regional system.
( 2) select not to near warm, heavy steam resource, not right into the device, where the wind produced barriers
( 3) Select the drainpipe quickly, can be linked to the exterior device where the pipeline
( 4) Select warm or cool air can be sent out to every edge of the area where
( 5) ought to select an area near the ac unit electrical outlet, and also the equipment leaving adequate room around
( 6) listed below the interior device needs to be picked without TELEVISION, radio, radio tools as well as prized possessions from the fluorescent light 1 m over the neighborhood
( 7) in the wall surface to mount the remote, see to it the interior device when it comes to fluorescent lights, can obtain signals.
( 8) mounted in the room, difficult to allow the wind blew bed

Second, the selection of the outside system installment place:

( 1) to endure the weight of the equipment does not generate much resonance as well as the sound of the area.
( 2) a well-ventilated area, wind and also exhaust sound does not impact the neighbors
( 3) attempt to pick much less vulnerable to rainfall or straight sunshine as well as wind blowing the location to be
( 4) to stay clear of the torpidity that might take place as well as destructive gases (sulfur- dioxide, and so on), flammable gas (thinner, fuel, and so on) and also oil haze spray, heavy steam as well as even more areas (for instance: the kitchen area.).
( 5) need to enable adequate room for the advantage of systems out of the wind.
( 6) ought to be very easy to fix.
( 7) air conditioning system can not be mounted in a non-specific steel framework (such as safety network).
( 8) outside the equipment to set up the street not less than 2.5 m.
( 9) The outdoor electrical outlet from the neighbors ought to not be less than 3 meters, if required, to reach an agreement with the neighbors.

Third, the air-conditioning control box examines the packaging listing, a full supply of devices are:

1) outside as well as an interior cooling system out of the package, checkbox look remains in good condition without damages, plaster tape, securing tape strapping secured well.
2) Check the design number on the bundle ac unit as well as acquisition billings correspond.
3) out of the package, examine the accessibility of exterior and also interior system surface area scrapes, busted sensation.

Cooling packaging listing, the total stock of devices are:

( 1) hanging Random annex are (1) remote; (2) Battery 2; (3) wall surface panels; (4) drainpipe; (5) Cement pin 4; (6) Nursing ring; (7) linking pipeline; (8) with equipment lines; (9) drain joint; (10) damping pads;
( 2) Random devices cupboard are: (1) push-button control; (2) Battery 2; (3) wall surface panels; (4) drainpipe; (5) Cement pin 4; (6) Nursing circle 2; (7) attaching pipeline; (8) with equipment lines; (9) water drainage arm joint; (10) damping pads; (11) warmth pipeline; (12) line package; (13) non-stick tape.
Power posts:

5th, examine the meter, power supply, power supply cord, changes, outlets conformity demands:

Examine the meter:

1) ac unit eats 2,200 watts of power; pick the present ability of the meter 5A (amps) or even more ensured safety;
2) a/c takes in 4,400 watts of power in; choose the existing ability of the meter 10A (amps) or even more guaranteed safety;
3) The ac unit power usage at 6600 W; pick the present capability of the meter 15A (amps) or even more ensured safety and security;

Inspect the power supply voltage:

1) single-phase power: a/c utilizing single-phase A/C power supply: Air Conditioning 220 V; cooling utilizes the regular power supply voltage array: A/C 220 V ± 10% (ie: 198 V -242 V).
2) three-phase power: cooling, 3 stage Air Conditioner power supply: Air Conditioning 380 V; cooling utilizes the regular power supply voltage variety: A/C 380 V ± 10% (ie: 342 V -418 V).

Inspect the power cord:

1) a -1.5 horsepower air-conditioning power cable must be above cross-sectional location: 2.5 square millimeters copper;
2) 1.6 -2.5 horsepower air-conditioning power cable need to be higher than cross-sectional location: 4.0 square millimeters copper;
3) 2.6 -3 horsepower air-conditioning power cable needs to be more than cross-sectional location: 6.0 square millimeters copper;

( 4) Check the power switch:

1) a -1.5 horsepower air-conditioning power switch needs to be higher than 10 amps or even more;
2) 1.6 -2.5 horsepower air-conditioning power switch must be above: greater than 20 amps;
3) 2.6 -3 horsepower horse power air-conditioning power switch needs to be above 25-30 amp;
( 5) Check the power electrical outlet:
1) a -1.5 item needs to be larger than air-conditioning electrical outlet: 10 amps or even more;
2) 1.6 -2.5 horsepower air-conditioning electrical outlet must be larger than 15 A or a lot more;
3) 2.6 -3 horsepower air-conditioning power electrical outlet needs to be larger than 16-30 amps or even more;

Protection Note: In conformity with the nationwide air-conditioning items making and also high-quality accreditation criteria, as storage tank maker power, present, for that reason, must make use of the power switch to regulate a/c high-voltage line to make sure the security of the typical a/c usage.

Furnished with air-conditioning power demands:

1) The usage of single-phase power voltage supply of a/c unit: power supply voltage needs to be 220 volts Air Conditioner;
2) be furnished with committed high-voltage line, accessibility to electric by a certified personnel, according to nationwide criteria for circuitry.
3) The power electrical outlet needs to be geared up with a very easy plug-in air conditioner where the power cable. Three-wire electrical outlet, ground and also neutral should be purely divided from the no line will certainly be attached with each other with the ground is incorrect, the power plug as well as power electrical outlet in the right circuitry techniques as well as demands, L logo design ought to be linked to the line of fire; N logo design need to attached to the no-line; identification needs to be linked to the grounding line; as well as need to be attached.

Upkeep needs:

1) filter dirt, drain, cooling agent leakages, loosen up equipment, inspect the pipeline cover, wall surface opening.
( 16) How several levels listed below the exterior temperature level when the cooling impact will be impacted?
1) fixed-frequency home heating and also a/c in the exterior temperature level is listed below typical minus 7 levels Celsius, greater than the regular use ac unit and also home heating impact will certainly be impacted.
2) fixed-frequency home heating as well as supporting home heating a/c is normally less than minus 9 levels Celsius outside temperature level is below, greater than the regular use air conditioning unit and also home heating result will certainly be impacted.
3) the basic regularity home heating and also a/c in the outside temperature level is listed below minus 15 levels Celsius, greater than the regular use air conditioning system and also home heating temperature level result will certainly be impacted.

Family electric devices with a nominal value of the real power intake distinctions:

1) a/c, as well as the real technological efficiency specifications, are various, especially shown in the exterior device, since the functioning temperature level of the exterior device (technological term: functioning problems), with the exterior temperature level of its running present, cooling stress, compressor power will certainly alter, so the technological specifications of the outside device on the nominal value, define the optimum technological criteria. (With the interior device or the guidebook a bit various, which is called for by market requirements).

A/c in the refrigeration, condensation sensations inside the maker home window have the adhering to factors:

1) remote established temperature level is reduced;
2) The ambient air moisture;
3) low-speed interior rate setups;
4) the angle of the louvers to change correctly for a very long time downwind or downswings, the louvers of the big temperature level distinction in between outdoors as well as within, causing condensation sensations.
If the above sensation, please change the collection temperature level, the temperature level listed below 5 levels listed below, if your interior moisture is high, embedded in the evaporating air-conditioning setups, such as do not have this attribute, you require to preserve airflow; Please establish the very same rate, high wind rate can decrease the condensation sensation.

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